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The classes for kids

We are proud to launch our new concept of calisthenics and Fitness for kids and teenagers.6-14 years old


It's about giving your child the best advantage possible on life. We all know that sport is very important for a healthy life but it's also important to benefit from a healthy growth and development.

But what is it exactly?

Calisthenics is a special practice of fitness using the bodyweight. It's basically the old time gymnastic from antique greece including a bit of modernity.

We are using parallel bars , single bars , rings , floor etc...

You might have heard about those...

Muscle ups , pull ups , push ups , human flag , front lever ... these are the figures that are part of calisthenics.

Of course getting there takes time and an experienced trainer.

My experience:

like some of you might know , i m personal trainer in calisthenics for 13-14 years now.

I teach kids from 2 to seniors of 90 years .

The benefits for your child:

By working on it's body , your child will develop capacities he will be able to use for every sport at school or beside.The gains in calisthenics are easily transferable to other disciplines (run faster , stronger in every sport or martial arts...)

And a very big advantage will be his mindset. Your child will understand that when he fight for something (in the sense of working i mean) he can accomplish everything.

That s the kind of mindset we develop through calisthenics

When are the classes ?

Every tuesdays and thursdays 16H in the big room.

For the 6-14 years old

The subscriptions are done her

on the dance school website and by trimester

you can chose 1H or 2 h per week

You can come and have a free trial once .

See you soon

Linden Kevin

Master trainer

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