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Our gym now offers a dedicated space oriented towards alternative therapies such as TRIGGER POINT for a pain-free body.

What is Trigger Point Therapy?

After several years of practicing physiotherapy and of sports coaching, I realized the need to help the body relax.


Our body is subjected to daily tensions whether they come from sports or everyday life. When the body falls behind in healing these tensions, due to excessive stress, fatigue, poor diet, poor hydration, poor

posture,... contractures then form. Not to confused with body aches, contractures are

muscle tissue adhesions that prevent

the muscle to return to its original size.

The inability of the medical profession to treat these inflammatory "pathologies" motivated me to turn to the American techniques called "trigger point therapy".


I quickly realized the effectiveness of these techniques which, with time and experience, allowed me to treat these inflammatory pains more and more quickly by treating them at the source and without medication.

Thus quickly, several people were spared surgical operations which turned out not to be necessary, despite the prescription of the hospital doctors. After manual massages or uses of electro-stimulation for healing purposes, people have regained normal use of their injured limbs.

This technique quickly proved to be effective in many areas, such as:

  • sciatica,

  • neck pain (neck pain),

  • chronic migraines,

  • lower back pain (lumbago),

  • hip pain,

  • sprain,

  • knee pain,

  • frozen shoulder.

As well as on all joint pain but also on some more unexpected aspects (inflammation of the ear, pain in the face or skull...)

After the obvious success of these techniques with my clients, I decided to train my team in these techniques which in some cities are already enjoying enormous success.

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