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Need a place for your professional projects or to train?

Personal Trainer Stretching Session

A room for Personal training

We have fully equipped rooms for personal training. Ideal for training your clients.

A room for yoga

Our rooms are ideal for the practice of yoga. Whether for you or for your customers, the space is ideal. Mats are on site ready for use.

Yoga Class
Fitness Class

A room for group lessons

Our rooms are ideal for giving group lessons. Step, aerobics, abs, buttocks, Tabata, Zumba..

A room for a photo shoot or modeling training

A room for photo shoots or modeling training.

Our rooms are ideal for taking photos on white backgrounds on the walls, creating effects with the wall of mirrors, or working on a portable background in complete privacy.


Lighting equipment available on site (supplement).

The rooms are also very good for training for parades in complete privacy.

Reservations are made via the website of our dance team.

Studio Shoot
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