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Group lessons are similar to having a coach for a discounted price. Sessions take place at scheduled times everyday. The lessons are open to everyone, just like a classic group lesson, with a maximum of 8-10 people in order to maintain a quality follow-up.


Result: more flexibility for your training schedules if it is not possible for you to plan several days in advance.


We monitor the execution of each of your movements and adapt the exercise to your level if necessary.


Nothing is holding you back, forge your dream body!


Calisthenics / street workout

Improve your strength, cardio, endurance and skill with this increasingly popular method in the United States and everywhere else. A natural and safer way to transform yourself into Superman/wonderwoman! Everything is done by body weight using traction bars, rings, parallel bars... Learn to master the great classics of the genre such as Muscles-up, Flag, Front lever, etc.



Because it's never too late to get fit! Exercise at your own pace and in complete safety. Each course is different and will bring you closer to your goals. Find your youth!


Mobility and core 

Deep stretching, mobility work and cladding strengthening. Everything you need to have a healthy body. An ideal complement with calisthenics.


Kids classes

Aadapted sport sessions for your kids. They will develop strength, coordination, explosivity, posture... everything in order to develop his self confidence and to give him the keys of a better future.

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